Hazlitt 1852 Cider Crafters are totally committed to local.  Our hard cider is made in the heart of the Finger Lakes Region in Naples, New York using select apples grown in our own backyard.  The labels and the rest of the packaging are from nearby, too.  Even the bottles are made within a 100 miles of home.  We work hard to create high quality cider we are proud of and, more importantly, cider we love to drink.  You can find us on any weekend hiking through the woods or hanging by the lake most likely in the company of good friends enjoying a cold, crisp Cider Tree.  

We are proud to carry local cider by Awestruck Hard Ciders and Hazlitt Cider Tree.

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​Awestruck Hard Ciders are lovingly created, by hand, in small batches.  We blend a variety of fresh-pressed New York State apples to craft beautifully balanced, all-natural ciders with just the right combination of aromatic and tannin-rich fruit.  

Eastern Dry is a barely sweet, light and refreshing.  It's inspired by the dry ciders from the orchards of the east of England, where the style of cider is traditionally clear, light and almost wine-line.

Lavender Hops is created to capture the sensation of warm, fragrant summertime, infusing our traditional cider with a secret blend of hops and sweet lavender.

Hibiscus Ginger is liquid gusto- a delightfully piquant, refreshingly tasty, beautifully rosy-hued, impossible to resist hard cider.  We tint our cider naturally by steeping it with dried hibiscus calyces and, for a dash of zin, we lightly infuse it with freshly peeled and sliced ginger root.